The Role of Data Science in Pursuit of Long-Term Relationship Between Respondents and Social Researchers


There is an urgent need for new declarative data that can help solve important social problems. However, such data are more and more often difficult to obtain even if the research project is non-for-profit and aims at solving some social problem of great importance. The main reason for this situation is the perseverance of traditional model of respondent-researcher relationship. This model is harmful to social science research in general, and often under-founded socially important research projects in particular. Additionally, traditional on-line research techniques which collect declarative data are obsolete. They do not fully take advantage of Internet technologies and specificity of the needs of Internet users. In order to advance declarative data collection for social good, we need to implement new model of long-term respondent-researcher relationship. In this model there is a need for close collaboration between social scientist, programmers and data scientists. This collaboration is necessary for the transformation of old social science research techniques into modern on-line data products for collecting declarative data and providing instant customized feedback for the respondents. The main goal of these new tools is to support stable on-line panels of respondents willing to participate in important social research projects in exchange for valuable content provided instantly by data scientists via the same research tool.