BigSurv18: Big Data Meets Survey Science Conference and Supercomputing Center in Barcelona

Conference Recently, I was representing 7N on BigSurv18 Conference in Barcelona . The conference title was Big Data Meets Survey Science and this was the first conference with the aim of exploring new statistical frontiers at the intersection of Survey Science and Big Data. The conference was organized by The European Survey Research Association (ESRA) and was held at the Research and Expertise Center of Survey Methodology at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

Welcome to the Tidyverse. Hadley Wickham lecture at Notre Dame University

During my research visit at Notre Dame University I had the pleasure to participate in Hadley Wickham’s lecture Welcome to the Tidyverse and meet Hadley in person. Hadley’s talks are always well-structured and worth listening. Hadley Wickham has been a prime mover in releasing R upon the masses, enabling hordes of unsuspecting would-be researchers to process and visualize data in ways they never dreamed of. The tidyverse, the culmination of years of effort in the R language, is a universe of packages that facilitate a grammar of data, graphics, and modeling that allows even beginners to speak the language of data science fluently.