set_logging_session should be used at the beginning of the shiny server function to define session-specific event parameters. set_logging_session also sets event counter to 1.




a set of named objects (usually of type character, numeric, or date) to be logged as parameters common to all events.


set_logging_session assigns to the parent frame new environment: log_settings_session for storing session-specific event parameters and information about multiple instances of the same event (see log_started).

See also

Other setting up logging parameters functions: log_params, set_logging


if (interactive()) { set_logging() shiny::shinyApp( ui = shiny::fluidPage(log_init()), server = function(input, output) { set_logging_session( session_id = shiny::getDefaultReactiveDomain()$token ) log_event("Event 1 with session parameter") log_event("Event 2 with session parameter") } ) # You can open app in the browser and duplicate tab to see different # unique session ids in event parameters. }