Logging Events in Shiny Apps

R package shinyEventLogger is a logging framework dedicated for complex shiny apps. Different types of events can be logged (character string, value of a variable, multi-line output of a function, result of a unit test, custom error, warning, or diagnostic message). Each event can be logged with a list of parameters that are event-specific, common for a group of events, or common for all app events. Logging can be done simultaneously to R console, browser JavaScript console, a file log, and a database (currently MongoDB). Log data can be further analyzed with the help of process-mining techniques from bupaR package.

Demo Shiny Apps

  • DemoApp – demo shiny app logging different types of events.
  • DashboardApp – demo dashboard showing examples how logged events from the DemoApp can be analyzed

Both apps are available in the package and can be run with run_demo() and run_demo_dashboard() functions. See also README.