limeRick: The bridge between LimeSurvey and R

The R package LimeRick enables close connection between R and LimeSurvey - one of the most popular and advanced open-source scripts for on-line surveys (a.k.a. CAWI - Computer-Aided Web Interviewing). Using new LimeSurvey RemoteControl2 API for two-way data exchange the package allows for:

  • importing on-line survey responses into R,
  • adding new responses to the survey directly from R,
  • automatically accessing surveys and question properties,
  • implementing passive measurement surveys,
  • developing data products based on real-time declarative data collection.

README, BugReports and development repository on GitHub:

Presentation of early version of LimeRick package:


  • updating and expanding documentation of the package (man pages)
  • checking available LimeSurvey updates via R
  • ping function to an active survey
  • function for populating survey with temporary lorem ipsum answers
  • dedicated demo Shiny app
  • getting only new responses
  • automatically labelling survey questions in R
  • generating a data frame of temporary responses
  • unit testing
  • tutorial vignette
  • package on CRAN
  • first public package presentation on European R User Meeting in Poznań