LimeSurvey promotional gadgets for users of LimeRick R package

Presentation of R package LimeRick on eRum

UPDATE: The online static version of the presentation is available here: Thank you for all the feedback!

In two days, from 12 to 14 October, 2016 in Poznan (Poland) will take place the conference “eRum 2016: european R users meeting“. I will give a talk about new R package: LimeRick. LimeRick enables close connection between two important open-source projects: R and LimeSurvey. LimeSurvey is the most advanced open-source system for on-line survey and Computer Aided Web Interviewing (CAWI) and together with R they offer advanced ecosystem for gathering and analyzing declarative data. But the LimeRick package will be able to do a lot more. Stay tuned!

The abstract:

The first public presentation of the prototype of a new R package that provides useful connection between R and the most popular open-source web scripts for on-line surveys ( The package aims to enable and simplify the work flow of reproducible CAWI research in Social Science; preparing templates for ad hoc and real-time analysis, performing detailed meta-analysis, archiving and monitoring responses directly from R. With the LimeRick package one can import pre-processed data from an on-line survey with an R script (with the use of RemoteConrol2 API or with non-API solution). Then, the data can be processed analytically by an R script and automatically reported with the use of shiny package. The whole process can be pre-programmed and performed without the researcher interference. This enables to build data products based on declarative data from on-line surveys, which are processed, analyzed, and visualized on-line and in real time. It can be of use for performing automatic tracking studies with real-time KPIs monitoring (e.g. for a customer satisfaction survey). The package will be also linked to a tool for unique, advanced analysis of meta-data from an on-line survey, which has already been alpha tested during large CAWI research project. As the early prototype of the package is presented, the presentation will end with a call for collaboration for developing and testing the package in different usage cases.

PS. Thanks to Carsten Shmitz (the main developer of LimeSurvey) after my presentation participants interested in LimeSurvey and LimeRick projects will be able to get some gifts (cool promotional materials of LimeSurvey open-source project – see the picture below). See you then!